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  1. San Diego` Says:

    A great shoe that fit me perfectly from day one. I have a fairly wide foot and the toe box accommodates needed comfort easily. I walked about 3 miles in these shoes the second time I wore them and had no issues. They provide excellent stability and support around your foot. They are a bit chunky looking and certainly don’t go with just any attire but are great with casual wear and for outdoor activities.

  2. San Antonio Says:

    I am traveling in my Keens. Every time I go through security, TSA guys and gals ask me about the Keens. Don’t get me wrong. They don’t see a security problem, and there is no metal in the shoe. Nope, TSA officers want to BUY my shoes. I happily tell them about Keens and Zappos. TSA watches all day long. I think they see just how special they are. I discovered these while vacationing in Hawaii. We did a lot of walking there and they are really comfortable. You can wear them in the water nad they protect your feet. They also have odor free insoles so if your feet sweat they don’t smell. The adjustable cord, instead of laces, is great and stays where you put it. Try them, I think you’ll like them!

  3. Brooklyn Says:

    Fabulously comfortable, I haven’t wanted to take them off. Comfortable in the sole and especially soft in the heel, which I’ve been looking for in a shoe. They get a little sweaty by the end of the day but they are so great that I can easily overlook that minor convenience. And I love the color – I have the berry with orange stitching. Michael Kors Sagitta Boots. I plan on buying another pair.

  4. Ashville Says:

    Raft, Hike, Wear around town – If you only buy one pair of shoes this summer, make it Keen’s Newport H2. They may look a little different but comfort and versitlity makes up for it. The footbed is soft but sturdy. High quality stitching and ingenius lacing system. Michael Kors Sagitta Shoe .I have two pair of Chacos and a pair of Burks but this will be the shoe I wear all summer and well into winter.

  5. Denver Says:

    Not as comfortable as the Newport – I thought I might like this more than the regular Newport but the opposite was true. The footbed is not as comfortable and I got blister on the sole of my foot when I went for a walk wearing these without socks. My Keen Newports are one of the most comfortable shoes I own and the Newport H2s fall a little bit short of that. They were comfortable from day 1! My husband bought a pair for himself after hearing me rave about them! We are not big hikers, but I can only imagine how well they would work out for the real outdoors person! I would highly recommend them!

  6. New York City Says:

    They are perfect for walking in the city and I’m sure they will be great for hiking (when I get out of the city). No break-in period. Today is my first day with them and I barely notice they are new. Super comfortable, not too hard of a sole. Absorbs impact well. Just note: they are more of a shoe than a sandal. It’s nice that your foot breathes a little bit (from a shoe perspective), but it is more enclosed than not. if you want a really “airy” shoe to let your feet breathe, you might want to look for something else. I would get these as a backup pair, though, for fall and spring!

  7. Cindy Says:

    I found these initially in Santa Fe and tried them on because they looked so unusual. They fit my feet like a glove and I use them to walk 5 miles a day. No soreness and the shoe holds up very well. Everytime I wear them I seem to run into others with the same shoe and we compare and rave about them. It’s like being in a club!

  8. San Diego Says:

    I discovered these shoes about one month ago. Wore them ALL the time on a 16 day sailing trip in Sicily–with lots of town and rough surface walking. Wore them a lot with Smart Wool socks of various cuff heights. The MOST comfortable foot combination I’ve had since my poor feet were pups! After decades of high heels, narrow toes, and weak arches, I have adopted an attitude that carried me into upscale Rome restaurants with dressy casual clothes and KEENS. Crazy and functional – These shoes are great! I can wear them to class, on a long walk, riding my bike, and when I get the chance – white-water rafting and mountain hiking. I got the maroon coloring and love it! A lot of people make comments on how cool they look. My oral surgeon said that she ought to get a pair herself. Many people can’t tell that they are sandals because of the toe guard.

  9. Easton Says:

    We searched high and low for an amphibious sandal that would hold up for the rigorous hikes in Dominica (slippery rocks, wading through rivers, scrambling up cliffs, mountain climbing, etc.). All 9 of us going on the trip purchased Kenn sandals, and they were fabulous! I cannot say enough about these sandals. They are comfortable, durable, and protected our feet through boiling sulfur ponds and raging rivers. Everyone on Dominica, even the locals, asked us where we got our shoes. The soles prevented slipping, while the open design allowed water to flow out. Unlike Tevas, our feet never slipped inside the sandals, even when wet. I wish I knew how to contact the company to write them a letter…AWESOME SHOES! Look no farther…buy these sandals. Some reviewers thought they ran a little small…I thought they were pretty true to size. Great sports sandal – I’ve been looking for a pair of sandals I could wear while bicycling and these are perfect! They’re incredibly comfortable, the toe is protective and the sole gives you a good grip. Very comfortable, the stretch laces work for my feet and I have a very high instep, but from reading other reviews, they work for narrow feet, as well. Do order a half size up, I’m an 8.5 and the 9 is perfect.

  10. MIckey Says:

    A really good sandal – I really am enjoying my new sandals. I read a couple of reviews before I purchased them and took the advice of buying a half size larger, cause they do run small. The only drawback I’ve noticed is up near the toe of the shoe is a pre molded place for your toes to fit in. I guess I don’t have the right type of toe because the ridge hits about the middle of my big toe. It really doesn’t hurt, but is a distraction. I think it is a design flaw as most people‚Äôs toes are so different; you can’t mold that type of design and expect it to fit everyone. All in all though a very well made shoe.

  11. Eastcoast Says:

    Cute, but built as a water sandal – I like the look of these (had to get red), but they are not quite as comfortable as you’d think, based on their appearance. The rubber sole and webbed sandal are built to survive water sports and not for comfort. My feet start to feel clammy if the weather is warm and the webbing is a bit scratchy. They are still new, so wearing in may help. Sizing is also a challenge, as the 7 I got is on the small side. Bigger may have helped, but I decided to stick with this size, as other water sandals I’ve had tended to stretch out with repeated wearing.

  12. Sisota Says:

    The sweetest fitting shoe ever – I was really hoping these sandals would fit, especially since I bought them online. I received them super quick and looked at them thinking they would be too big. But the first time ever on my feet, I knew they were perfect. My foot is long and narrow, yet the construction of the sandal did not even allow my foot to shift when I walked. Even with it loose, there is blissful comfort. No rubbing, pinching, shifting, or anything to complain about at all. Now I am debating which style to get next. So comfortable and so very light. I love the look and I love my sandals. I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks for years. These shoes are every bit as comfortable and much lighter. I have a narrow foot and the elastic adjustment gave me the perfect fit. I plan to get another pair. Hopefully they will soon distribute lace up shoes that I can buy for work. Zappos’ customer service was great.

    Keen Sandals are awesome! I love these sandals! I have three pairs and they are so comfortable! I can walk around the city all day without my feet hurting. The shoes get compliments all the time – they are so cute! Everyone should own at least one pair of Keen Sandals. NOTE: I had to buy a whole size larger in these shoes for a proper fit.

    So light and comfortable – These shoes are the best. I bought my husband 2 pair because he loves them so much. They fit like a comfortable glove, are so light, and have great traction. I forget that I have them on. I can’t compare these to any other outdoor shoe. I will not buy any other brand, again I haven’t had much opportunity to wear them yet because it’s been so rainy here, but I’m hoping they’ll be a better approach shoe for desert rock climbing than my Chacos because less gravel will get stuck under my foot and they have a built in bumper on front so you don’t hurt you toes when you accidentally run into a cactus! I’ve found my sole-mate! The perfect hybrid: combines great support, protection from life’s little obstacles, super traction – wet or dry, and does it all with a cool funky look; very keen! Fits like a second skin and runs true to size with or without socks – thanks to the adjustable lock-cord lacing system. Comfortable right out-of-the-box! The perfect casual shoe! I’ll probably order the Mary Jane style for dressier occassions, as I can no longer imagine wearing anything that isn’t Keen! I have been searching for a comfortable all-purpose shoe for ages and this sandal absolutely clobbers the competition. So long, Chaco, Birkis and Tevas! I will probably buy three or four more pairs of Keen shoes and toss everything else out. Also, they are cute, after the fashion of pug dogs or elderly Volkswagens. Extremely comfortable! I bought these shoes because they looked different and I could wear them from the beach to the hiking trails in Hawaii. I absolutely love the style and the comfort cannot be beat. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and I even wear them to the gym occasionally because they are more comfortable than my tennies. One word of advice: order a half size larger than you normally wear because they tend to run small.

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